A downloadable game for Windows

The time machine is here, and of course it's used for marketing.

The people in an absurdly small town thought the surveys were over.

A dark rift appears as everyone starts to leave.

Experience all of that in this unique mix of dialogue written minutes before the deadline with questionable style and a visual novel without the visuals.

LMB or Spacebar to advance text (yes this is a tutorial for visual novels)

F11 for fullscreen

Thanks to donut & Fiat for testing \:)/


A Survey in a Small Town.exe 52 MB


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I found the dialogue a little hard to understand. The system which prevented you from choosing the most polite option sometimes spat out a flat "you can't do that" without explanation. The main idea was interesting. The atmosphere was rather enjoyable. Thank you for making the game.

Thanks so much for playing!! I can see why the options being locked can be confusing, it’s unintuitive (you can’t choose if your productivity would sink below 0; or if your previous interviews left you under 40 productivity, then it locks for the next few choices). The whole dialogue options thing was really just a desperate attempt at getting at least some sort of interactivity until the game jam deadline.

Very glad you liked it though, hopefully I’ll be able to improve on most things in the next game(s) ❤🙏